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Cool Tool Whathcmacallits is my roundup of the last ten tools at any one time on my Google RSS Reader for the CoolTools site.
  1. Klein 10-in-1 Screwdriver
  2. Gas-O-Haul
  3. Stainless Steel Can Colander
  4. Lumber Wizard
  5. Waterfall Soap Saver
  6. Yellow-Jacket 5 Outlet Adapter
  7. PlugGrip Outlet Installation Aid
  8. Fiskars SewSharp Scissors Sharpener
  9. Kidz-Med Medicine Dispenser
  10. Sno-Seal

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Takes a Single Badd Apple to Spoil the Bunch

Supposedly a guy got fired from Apple for some poetry he wrote about his experience as a call support rep. It's pretty funny poetry.

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Rainn Wilson (Dwight) Hosts SNL

SNL does a parody of the Office and it is dead on! Dwight is "dawesome!"

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Samurai Star Wars

Samurai Sith Lord is quite impressive. I know a samurai version of Star Wars would definitely make BIG box office $$$. I also found a link to this picture of a Samurai Storm Trooper. With these new outfits, you would definitely be the hit at the Storm Trooper LAN party.

Samurai Sith Lord and Storm Trooper [via Digg]


IE7 Extensions

Wired has a cool article on IE7 add-ons. They breakout their top seven IE7 add-ons from the Windows Marketplace.

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Bluetooth GPS that is Affordable

A buddy of mine purchased and setup the OnCourse Bluetooth GPS Receiver Edition 2(WAAS enabled) this weekend. He also is using Mapopolis.com software for the mapping / logging. I have wanted to get GPS, but never thought it was within my price range. Now I am re-thinking. This also integrates with the PocketPC which is big pimpin'.

FAQs for the Halo3 Beta

Halo3 Beta FAQs are here. Bungie.net is also providing access to the beta with the purchase of Crackdown on Feb. 20th.

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/* Weekly Twisted Recap */

Well I have starred a lot of articles once again in the Google RSS Reader, but haven't got much out in the way of blogging. I tag articles every day, so if the blog is a little light and you want to see what I have come across, then go to dabombdgd's Google Reader Favorites to see what the cool kid is bookmarking. ;-)




OpenSource VS. Consumer Retail

So I recently posted about Orb - Media Freedom. I chose Orb over MythTV because it was compatible with Windows (which I am more comfortable administrating) and Orb also integrates into Windows Media Center. I didn't go with TiVo3 because it's expensive to buy the hardware and on top of that you have to pay a monthly/yearly fee.

Check out...

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Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5

I just upgraded to Microsfot ActiveSync 4.5 for my PocketPC to PC update utility. It works like a charm and also takes care of uninstalling the old 4.1 version.

"So what does this upgrade offer, other than continued Windows XP compatibility?

  • Speedier USB connection between your PDA and PC
  • Stay connected to a wireless or cellular network while connected to a PC (allowing you to receive VoIP calls while connected to a computer)
  • Enroll for device certificates from the PC, allowing Exchange sync with servers that require certificated based authentication
  • A troubleshooter utility has been integrated into the program to scan your PC and identify devices that could be causing connection problems"
- DownloadSquad

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Daylight Savings Time 2007

Daylight Savings Time is changing as of March 11th, 2007 (second Sunday of March .) Are your computers and pocketpcs ready for this year's D.S.T.? Computer.org has all the dtails. Gizmodo and DownloadSquad have the info needed for your gadgets to be up-to-date.

Windows Mobile Fix [via Gizmodo]
Windows PC Fix [via DownloadSquad]

OpenSSH for Windows

So a friend of mine told me about OpenSSH for Windows and WinSCP. I got both installed and running in about 20 minutes. Both have really good documentation. I feel a lot better about my FTP traffic now.

"SSH is a secure way to connect to another computer system. This protocol supports a telnet alternative (usually called SSH itself), a secure file copy program (SCP) and a secure FTP program (SFTP). The SSH protocol also lets you establish secure connections with other programs or protocols through the use of port forwarding. This means that mail protocols, vnc, and other programs can be used with encryption between two machines."
- sshwindows.sourceforge.net

"WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client for Windows using SSH. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer."
- winscp.net


Houses that Cause Rubber-necking

A gallery of houses from around the world that will cause you to be a rubber-necker.

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/* Weekly Twisted Recap */

So I have been quite the blogging slacker, but I have gotten a few good posts in. Lots-O-Homework, but excuses are like elbows, everyone has 2 of them.

I also bought a dual core AMD chip and motherboard combo today to help out the PVR-Orb project I have pieced together with donated parts. Fry's had a CPU-MB combo on sale for $149 which ain't too bad. I will let ya'll know how it works out for MPEG-2 to DivX encoding.



Cheddar doesn't age faster, if you watch it!

The Internet has a little something for everyone...and I mean everyone! At CheddarVision.tv, you can watch cheddar cheese age right before your eyes. I can't wait for GrassGrowing.tv to come online.

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Buying Used Makes Cents

Shopping smart means knowing what and what not to buy new. MSNMoney has a cool article on what NOT to buy new.

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sshhhiK-sshhiK, Is not a good HD sound!

So a buddy of mine had his hard drive crash and he lost 65GB of music and videos saved over the last 4 years. It was pretty devastating. He lost everything. As I was perusing my RSS feeds this morning I came across KeepVault that allows users to backup 25GB free to a remote site.

"KeepVault is changing the way people think about data protection. No more swapping discs or remembering to run a program. Simply set it once and forget it! All you need is an internet connection and your data is automatically protected to a secure online storage location.

How it works
KeepVault continually scans the Windows "Documents and Settings" folder for all user accounts on your PC and looks for new or changed files. When unprotected files are found it copies these files automatically to a remote, secure, internet storage site."
- KeepVault

[via LifeHacker]

DynDNS and a DHCP IP Address

So you want to connect to your home computer behind a router, connected to your DSL/CABLE modem and your ISP is allocating your IP address for the modem via DHCP? Well if that question didn't confuse ya, then you should peruse DynDNS.com to get just that functionality.

4 relatively easy steps.

  1. Register with DynDNS.com for a free account.
  2. Input DynDNS.com account info into your router configuration.
  3. Create a static ip address of the computer to connect to.
  4. Forward ports to the computer with the static IP address.


Super Bowl XLI Commercials

In case you were getting food or taking a bathroom break and missed the Super Bowl commercials, iFilms has them all. Gizmodo also has a nice best of for the commercials as well.

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ORB - Media Freedom

So a friend of mine turned me onto Orb. I installed a winTV PVR 350 TV Tuner and then installed Orb 2.0 and was up and running with TV anywhere. Orb can be an affordable alternative to SlingBox and it allows you to schedule TV program recording and also watch live TV. The MPEG-2 is about 2GB per hour of recording. You can then run a DivX converter to reformat the video to a smaller file size.

"There are several tools that convert DVR-MS to DivX. I have tried many and found one that i like a lot. This tool is called Dr. DivX. The latest version is free! Download it from this site: http://labs.divx.com/DrDivX. You might have to install the latest DivX codex as well. Download the free version here."
- Steinar Aasheim's Blog

Where does the Super Bowl's loser gear go?

Ever wonder where the Super Bowl's losing team gear goes? World Vision distributes it to a developing nation, usually Africa.

"...the 288 T-shirts and caps made for the team that did not win — will be hidden behind a locked door at Dolphin Stadium. By order of the National Football League, those items are never to appear on television or on eBay. They are never even to be seen on American soil.

They will be shipped Monday morning to a warehouse in Sewickley, Pa., near Pittsburgh, where they will become property of World Vision, a relief organization that will package the clothing in wooden boxes and send it to a developing nation, usually in Africa.

This way, the N.F.L. can help one of its charities and avoid traumatizing one of its teams."
- NYTimes

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