Fast Food News

Whether out of morbid curiosity or a true desire to monitor what you eat, Fast Food News delivers the goods on all your favorite fast food joints.


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So "Twisted Recap" is a new feature I am going to try and accomplish each week which is all of the main links for the week.







Pork Wallet

Do you like BBQ and are 100% carnivorous? Are vegetables not considered food, but what food eat? Do you own a BACON wallet? You heard me...a BACON wallet.

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You are only as Cool as Your Tools

Cool Tools is a site of hip and useful tools that help alleviate the pain of work and they add hella git-er-done value as well.

Sample Cool Tools...

"Cool tools really work. A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. I am chiefly interested in stuff that is extraordinary, better than similar products, little-known, and reliably useful for an individual or small group."
- Kevin Kelly of Cool Tools

SATA HD Comparison

Looking to buy the new type of SATA hard drive (HD), but not sure which one is the goods? TechReport has an article on the new Maxtor DiamondMax11, but also provides a detailed HD comparison to boot. Another good place to get reviews and comparisons on computer hardware is TomsHardware.com.

"...the review offers a detailed comparison of 17 different Serial ATA drives from Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital. Performance is compared across a wide range of typical desktop, multitasking, and multi-user loads, and noise levels and power consumption tests..."
- SlashDot

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Google's RSS Reader Got an UPDATE

Google's RSS Reader has got a face lift. I like the changes A LOT! It is so much fast perusing RSS feeds now with the added functionality of "Mark all as read" within a certain Label. Plus I found a few more cool RSS feeds through the quick feed bundles.

Find Cheap Textbooks Online

Book Lovers Rejoice is upgraded, but don't tell my wifey. She loves da books.

Why Now?!

So I got my XBOX360 back in December of 2005. The game release has been limited...UNTIL...I freakin start my Master's program, then all hey-hey breaks loose. Life is not fair! Now HaloWars is in the works.

New Style Jack-in-the-Box

This is pretty funny...tasteless, but funny.

"How It Works

  1. Order your AssInYheBox
  2. Customize your booty
  3. Add a FREE Personal Note
  4. Your AssInTheBox is sent ANONYMOUSLY guaranteed"

- AssInTheBox.com

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Jyngle it Baby, Go Ahead Foo

Have you ever had the need to mass communicate with friends or family? Well Jyngle them...LOL...I just said Jyngle them. Not sure why that struck me as funny, but it did. TechCrunch has a nice review of eight different SMS services also.

"Messages can be created through the Jyngle website or using your phone. You can add and search for unlimited contacts and create/join unlimited groups for your various activities."
- Jyngle

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Single Point of Contact

People nowadays have multiple phones. They have a home phone, cell phone(s), work phone, etc. Well GrandCentral wants to help alleviate the phone crisis with a single point of contact...a star topology, if you will of your networked phones. It is in Beta so they might not have your city or state available yet. Don't forget about my post on Tossable Digits in conjunction with this. It could make you undercover like 007.

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Need to post a future reminder to yourself to buy flowers for your Valentine or remember to shop for Christmas gifts? Well FutureMe is here to save your arse...or at least remind it.

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There's Always Room for Jello in San Francisco

San Francisco sculptured in Jello...now I have seen it all.

"Liz Hickok is a San Francisco based artist working in photography, video, sculpture, and installation, and currently Jell-O."
- LizHickok

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Get Phunky II

David "Elsewhere" Bernal is the geekie white guy poppin and liquid dancing in my Get Phunky jump link. DetoursVideo is or was his main site, but he has moved onto bigger and better. Kollaboration 2001 was the jumping point for his main YouTube video.


The story of a cattle dog turned Hollywwod. What an amazing dog!

Get Phunky

I have been looking for this video for a while and it showed up on UrbanEola. This white boy breaks it down for the crowd. I think he would be the high score on Dance Revolution.

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Is Boondocks Audi-5000-G?

Has Aaron McGruder's sabbatical turned into retirement for the Boondocks comic strip and TV series cartoon? Time will tell, but let me tell you that I hope not cause I like me some Boondocks.

The Fresher, The Better

How do you make fresh coffee? Well a colleague and I were discussing coffee and how to improve the freshness process from the store to our lips and I came across an article in the LA Times. The Capresso seems to be the answer and another item to add to my wishlist.


Most Important Meal of the Day

I personally think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there are those who would disagree. I am sure that oatmeal and fruit would correct that for me, but chicken fried steak, eggs, hash browns and toast are gooooood.

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Man on Mountain Bike = WOW!

I am on the hunt for mountain bike inspiration and the fella in the video can git-er-done on a mountain bike in about any type of situation.

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Shaving Tech Costs

Forbes.com has a good article on how to best haggle with providers about cost savings for telephone, internet and television services.

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Toast Art

Toast Art is dear to my heart because I love to eat me some toast. Now if you could combine Toast Art with Butter Sculptures, then it would truly be art sent from Heaven...IMHO.

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The Top 50 Marvel Comics Covers of 2006

Haven't blogged about comic related stuff in a minute, so check out the Top 50 Marvel Comics COvers of 2006 at IGN. The pic is my personal favorite out of the 50.

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L.O.S.T. and an inconclusive ending?

BuddyTV has the supposed inconclusive end for the L.O.S.T. tv series. Also check out the 6 degrees of L.O.S.T. on Worth1000.com.

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Washing Machine Cooked Salmon

Poaching fish in the dishwasher is something I have never heard of, but I guess it is more common than expected.

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Bungie.Net and HALO3

First ever Bungie PodCast (60MB file) about the upcoming HALO3. Bungie.Net is beginning to rumble with the noises of HALO3. Let the fun begin!

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"Dethroner.com, the perfect guide for the imperfect man, is here.

What is Dethroner? ...

• A blog, updated daily, with a unique theme each week.
• Like Maxim for MAKE readers.
• Like Men’s Vogue for Men."
- Dethroner

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Complete Backup Guide

Tech-Hints has a complete guide to computer/file backups which covers the following questions...

  1. What to backup, and what to lose?
  2. If backup is so important, then why don’t most people do it?
  3. So what data should I back up?
  4. How often should I back up?
  5. What’s the Solution?
  6. What’s the bottom line on backup?

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BitTorrent Site Comparison

BitTorrent is all the rage. Check out which sites are used the most and rated the best. Otehr BitTorrent blog entries here are BitTorrent HowTo's and BitTorrent and TV Shows.

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Does VoIP quality compare to standard phone service?

VoIP is gaining in popularity, but I am not sure it is mature enough for me to make the switch. I do have some friends who use Vonage and love it. I am keeping my eye on it though because it has cool geek factor. DownloadSquad has a quick overview of recent test results by KeyNote Systems.

Free Riders, Mount Up!

Amazing footage of extreme mountain bikers. I started riding my mountain bike again after a five years hiatus, so this helps me to get hyped.

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Real World IKEA

Five people live in IKEA (for a day) and then IKEA kicks them out. Pretty funny, but some people have way too much time on their hands.


20 Free Ways to Save Energy

Looking for ways to save money and help conserve energy? ConsumerReports has 20 free ways to save energy.

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White & Nerdy

"Weird Al" Yankovic covers Chamillionaire's "Ridin'...good livin!

US Billionaires

Who are they and what do they do? Forbes.com has the low down.

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Radar - Pic Sharing on the GO!

Share pics with friends from your phone with the Radar online service. A collage of your daily events with the ease of a camera phone.

"Share what you do, while you do it
Shoot cameraphone pictures and immediately share them with your friends. Show them what you're doing and what's on your mind. It's easy, and it works with any cameraphone
It's about you and your friends
When you share your pictures on Radar, your invited friends can immediately browse and comment from their phone or PC. And you can see their pictures, quickly and easily, wherever you are.
A conversation in pictures
It's not just picture sharing, it's a conversation with your friends. It's staying in touch and seeing what's up. It's why you have a cameraphone."
- Radar

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Halloween Teaser

America's Funniest Scariest Videos to get the blood pressure and the ideas pumping early on how to get your scare on.

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It's just that SizeEasy

If you need to visual an item that you only have dimensions for, then SizeEasy helps you visualize.

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Movies in 30 Seconds, Re-enacted by Bunnies

The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library site is a hoot!

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Frugal is a Lifestyle

Scholarships Around the US has 117 ways for students to pay for college. Most of these tips to save money can be applied by anyone looking to save money.

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Howto Make Your Computer Quieter

Do you have a constant buzzing, whirling or grinding coming from your desktop computer? HardwareWatch.org has some practical tips to help reduce the noise.

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My Rate Plan

Want to know if you are getting the best deal possible on your cell phone rate plan with all of your favorite features? Then MyRatePlan is the site for you.

"The right cell phone and plan... at the right price
The most comprehensive set of online resources available anywhere, to help you make a more informed buying decision without ever leaving your home or office."
- MyRatePlan

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Nike Vision: MaxSight

Nike contacts that functions like sunglasses, but yet fit like a contact lens. For the extreme athlete that wants and needs every competitive advantage ultimately possible with eyesight. ;-)

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YouTube Killer, Soapbox?

Microsoft's answer to YouTube is Soapbox. Microsoft Live is trying to compete with all kinds of online services (LIVE.com). Will Soapbox do the trick?

Check out these past posts on Microsoft Live thangs...

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Dogster is a "MySpace" for dog lovers and their pets.

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Meet. Mix. Mashup. Splice!

Online music editing utility. The site is also a social network for spliced music as well. Yo DJ Pump This Party!

"We believe in the power of music to bring people together. With Splice, you'll never be a passive listener ever again! Make music with other users, together. Did you hear a song that really moved you? Great! With Splice, you can sing along, play your own instrument, or just rearrange it so it's more to your liking. Or you can post the latest groove you recorded and see what someone else does with it. The possibilities are endless!"
- Splice

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Where did I put my keys?

Finding registration keys can be a pain in da ba-hootie. KeyFinder Thing can help you find the registration keys for 90 different software titles.

"KeyFinder Thing is a simple utility to retrieve the Serial numbers or CD Keys of Microsoft software installed on your system. It includes options to export the list of found keys and a search option to find keys not included by default."
- Raymond.cc

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Router and WAP Default Passwords

Occasionally I help friends, family and co-workers with their home networking issues. I occasionally have to reset the hardware and then lookup the default userid and password. A default list of router and WAP passwords is very helpful.

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Free Video Editing Software - All Platforms

If you have the money, then I would recommend Adobe Premiere. If you're frugal and/or married, then utilize the list of free video editing software by TV.ISG.SI.

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MSDN: HTML and DHTML Reference

Microsoft has specific guides for DHTML Collections, DHTML Events, DHTML Properties, CSS Attributes: Index, Color Table and Visual Filters and Transitions Reference.

"When capitalized, Dynamic HTML refers to new HTML extensions that will enable a Web page to react to user input without sending requests to the Web server. Microsoft and Netscape have submitted competing Dynamic HTML proposals to W3C, which is producing the final specification."
- Webopedia

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